Eternal Flame - Hampshire Guitar Orchestra (hago) arr Derek Hasted
  • Classical music Hampshire Guitar Orchestra (HAGO) play all styles; Eternal Flame (performed by The Bangles, covered by Atomic Kitten) fits classical guitar like it was written for it... Eternal Flame is one of our most frequently viewed videos, and there aren't many guitar concerts where we don't get a sigh from the audience at the end of this lovely piece. In this arrangement of Eternal Flame, we play our 4 sizes of guitar - alto, prime, bass, and contra, to produce a sublime and deep sound and light accompaniment that's faithful to the original in its harmonies and countermelodies. Turn the volume up, close your eyes and lose yourself in this wonderful and powerful melody and beautifully shaped song that is Eternal Flame. The lyrics are sublime and moving - check them out :-) HAGO welcomes new guitarists at all intermediate and senior levels. Our repertoire is large, our audiences are massive and our enjoyment is ... well, come along and find out! HAGO - raising funds for charities - introducing new audiences to guitar ensemble. HAGO - Having A Good One.... This concert raised funds for West Sussex Guitar Club, at Bognor Regis in the South of England - check out their website at and visit ours too at http A big thank you to Sasha Levtov for the video footage of HAGO playing Eternal Flame live in concert For our next concert visit Visit our YouTube channel at Find us on Facebook at Composed by Steinberg, Kelly and ...

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