Purcell - Sound the trumpet - J. Bowman, A. Scholl
  • Classical music composed by Henry Purcell High resolution and stereo sound: www.youtube.com Henry Purcell Come, ye sons of art, Z 323 Birthday Ode for Queen Mary, 1694 "Sound the trumpet" Text: Probably by Nahum Tate In this video: Countertenor 1: James Bowman Countertenor 2: Andreas Scholl Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment From the live performance at Royal Festival Hall Wednesday 11 June 2008 James Bowman, who was the presenter of the concert, and Andreas Scholl singing the duet "Sound the trumpet" from Purcell's ode "Come, ye sons of art" as an encore. Note that James Bowman is 66 years old here and Scholl is 40. "In the time of Purcell, odes were composed by the Master of the Children of the Chapel Royal. Although Purcell was never appointed to head the Chapel Royal, he was a favorite composer of the king, so it fell to him to compose odes for the birthday of Queen Mary II in 1694. Come, Ye Sons of Art, Away was the final birthday ode Purcell composed for Queen Mary; by the end of 1695 both she and Purcell had passed away. 'Sound the Trumpet' is a striking duet for two countertenors. The melody dances over a ground bass as the singers imitate the sound of trumpets." All Music Guide Text: Sound the trumpet till around You make the list'ning shores rebound. On the sprightly hautboy play all the instruments of joy that skillful numbers can employ to celebrate the glories of this day.

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