Mozart, Symphony No. 40 in G minor, first movement
  • Classical music composed by The first movement of Mozart's 40th symphony,accompanied by a scrolling bar-graph score. FAQ Q: What do the colors in the bar-graph score mean? A: Each color corresponds to one line in the orchestral score, and therefore to an instrument or group of instruments; here's the key: Q: Where can I see the score for this piece? A: Here: Q: Who is playing this piece? A: This performance is by the RFCM Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Keith J. Salmon. Q: How do you align the animation with the music? A: Here's a description: Q: Is there a way I could make the bar-graph scores myself? A: The Music Animation Machine MIDI file player will generate this display; you can get the (Windows) software here: There are lots of places on the web where you can get MIDI files; I usually go to the Classical Archives site first: Q: Could you please do a MAM video of ______? A: First, check my "to do" list: ... If the piece isn't listed, read the "Could you please do a MAM video of ______?" item on my main FAQ: ... and if you think I'd consider doing it, email me (stephen at musanim dot com). Q: What can you tell me about this piece? A: You can read about it here: .

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