Antonio Vivaldi, Mandolin Concerto, 1st Movement
  • Classical music composed by Antonio Vivaldi Classical music with Detlef Tewes (mandolin, ), mandolin orchestra of Ettlingen Germany , conductor Boris Björn Bagger (http ), Prof. Boris Bagger is teacher for guitar at the University of Music, Karlsruhe / Germany, , Hochschule für Musik, Musikhochschule This piece is used as sountrack to the movie Kramer vs. Kramer dieses Stück ist als Filmmusik Kramer gegen Kramer mit Dustin Hoffman und Meryl Streep in den Hauptrollen benutzt worden sheet music available New CD available with Detlef Tewes & Boris Björn Bagger Mozart - World premiere recordings sold more than 10 000 times new arrangements for mandolin and guitar Detlef Tewes & Boris Björn Bagger - a fantastic CD - 5 stars are not enough! order here http More infos and informations about this CD Thanks for visiting our pages

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