Anderson & Roe Piano Duet play "BLUE DANUBE FANTASY"
  • Classical music composed by Johann Strauss II | "A New Account of the Blue Danube Waltzes," composed and performed by the Anderson & Roe Piano Duo Camera work Estelle Choi, Yalin Chi, Greg Anderson, Elizabeth Roe Watch the outtakes in the video response section below! In composing this work, we sought to emphasize the emotions that hide beneath the surface of the typically restrained Viennese Waltz. Note: the narrative is not a representation of reality. Yes, we're really playing the piano, but no, we didn't actually meet over a lost mitten, and no, we're not actually romantic lovers. :-) Be sure to watch for: * The choreography of our hands. We wanted to show the similarity between four hands playing together on a piano and four feet on a dance floor. Be sure to listen for: * The musical combining of themes. At times, melodies are layered atop one another, most notably at the climax. Believe it or not, seven melodies from throughout the piece are being played simultaneously (7:49 - 8:10), a real compositional feat! The sheet music for this arrangement is for sale. Visit to instantly purchase a PDF of the score! Or you can purchase the sheet music on : Both the piece and the video are featured on the Anderson & Roe Piano Duo's debut album, "Reimagine." Greg Anderson & Elizabeth Joy Roe showcase their unique approach to classical music and the piano duo genre in this adrenalized album, featuring breathtaking music, a hard-core performance of ...

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