Cello Journey #26, Faure Sicilienne
  • Classical music composed by Gabriel Fauré Cello Journey CD: cdbaby.com Cello Journey DVD: cdbaby.com Visit the website: cellojourney.com In this episode we play the Sicilienne by the French composer Gabriel Faure. I recently went on a trip to Quebec and had a chance to eat some great French meals. As a result, I did a bit of French cooking myself. I noticed that the common theme in this type of cooking is how ingredients tend to fit well together. A sauce will fit everything else that is on the plate. Flavors and textures go in and out of each other to create a greater whole. This piece is similar in that its melodies fade in and out of each other. Harmonies, colors and textures blend well together and undergo subtle changes. I hope you can sense that in the music.

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