Gustav Mahler - Adagietto (from Symphony N°5)
  • Classical music composed by Gustav Mahler Gustav Mahler's Adagietto from the Fifth Symphony. The audio recording here is specialy edited for the YouTube channel in order to maintain its completeness. There are no cut parts, this is the whole Adagietto, for your enjoyment. ---------------------------------- A note from the author(s): Dear, friends, I thank you for your nice comments and I am glad that you are enjoying these beautiful musical master pieces. I noticed that, from time to time, people will ask why is the image of Jean-Marc Barr on some of the clips. Well, it is a long story. Me (Mare79, a "name" from the image) and "Mayol" (a friend of mine) have made these several classical music videos during the time we were on one forum once. The picture of Jean-Marc Bar was the image of his avatar, and since all these videos were generally his idea, we decided to place a full photo of Jean-Marc in them. Jean-Marc had a role in one of his movies where he played a character named Mayol, so... It was just an idea at that time, but it still remained after all, since we didn't want to remove the video in order to upload a new one without this photo and make this clip an invalid entry in your favourites playlists. So, the smaller image represents the photo of the composer. Enjoy the music, and have a nice day. Best regards to all.

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