Ondes Martenot /virtuosistic Formule by Thomas Bloch-TV 1999
  • Classical music Thomas Bloch: www.thomasbloch.net - "Formule" is one of the most virtuosistic piece written for solo ondes Martenot, composed by and played here by the French multi-instrumentalist Thomas Bloch himself (ondes Martenot, glassharmonica, cristal Baschet, waterphone...) who has played as well with Radiohead, Gorillaz, John Cage as with most prestigious classical soloists and orchestras in the world (Milano Scala, Paris opera...). A short excerpt of the piece taken from a TV program recorded in Paris Musée de la Musique. June 8, 1999. To hear and see the complete work, a more recent version played live at the Barbican Center (London) was added recently on youtube www.youtube.com Other names : Ones Martenot (Catalan), Ondas Martenot (Spain, Portugal), Martenot waves (English), Onde Martenot (Italy), Fale Martenota (Poland), 0™0Û0...0˚0fi0Î0»0Œ (Japan) - wrong name : Martinot

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