William Bajzek plays Three Sor Studies on Classical Guitar
  • Classical music composed by Fernando Sor I'm planning to make a series of videos between now and the end of April, in which I work on a short piece for a day and then film&post it. My main focus will be on musicality, but I have a few other goals: 1) Learn to pull together pieces and interpretations more quickly 2) Produce a demo cd to send to senior centers and other gig venues 3) Watch my movements, facial expressions, etc, and learn what I can from them 4) Get more comfortable with recording. I'm coming out of two weeks with flu & bronchitis, and haven't played much recently. I was just sight-reading these, although I have worked on them in the past. Still, I'm fairly pleased with how these performances turned out, so I decided to make this public for now. I will probably take this down eventually because I want to rerecord the Opus 44 pieces as part of different groupings and with more preparation. Here are three studies by Fernando Sor: Opus 44, no 11 Opus 44, no 9 Opus 31, no 4 I've been trying to come up with a good recording method. I used my MacBook's built-in iSight for video and my Edirol R-09HR as the audio source. I then imported into Garageband and added a bit of reverb. I wanted to upload a large-size movie file so the audio wouldn't get downgraded too much. Obviously, it didn't come out great because I've been stretched! I'm not sure why that happened, but it's probably my fault. I don't feel like fixing this one but I'll try to avoid that next time. A benefit of this method is that I can record ...

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