Theme from Swan Lake, Guitar Transcription - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsk
  • Classical music composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - One of the most instantly recognizable tunes from music written originally for the ballet, the Theme from Swan Lake has enjoyed new heights of popularity in recent times, thanks to the award-winning film, Black Swan. Its poignant, melodic line thrills as it builds up to a climax. On the guitar, the piece becomes more intimate, a portrait in music. Truly, on the classical guitar, the fragility of the central character, Odette, who turns into a swan under the spell of a sorcerer, comes to center stage. Ifyou would like to learn to play this piece and add it to your repertoire, take advantage of the free mini-lesson on this piece, available on Los Angeles Guitar Academy's website, http To access sheet music, close-up, slow walk-through clips for this piece and LAGA's complete online classical guitar lesson program to bring your playing up to this level and beyond, enroll in a full subscription to LAGA's online classical guitar lessons, LAGA Classical. You can get started today by signing up for a free, no-obligation, three-day trial on the website listed above. For updates on our latest music postings, please subscribe to our YouTube channel on the button below. Thanks!

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