DON GIOVANNI, MOZART - il Mio Tesoro by the Peruvian Tenor Luis Alva
  • Classical music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart From Don Giovanni the Peruvian Tenor LUIS ALVA (Luigi Alva - Lima Peru April 4, 1927), as Don Ottavio, executing and singing "Il Mio tesoro" in France 1960. In this scene from Mozart's great opera Don Giovanni, Don Ottavio has become convinced that Don Giovanni was the person who killed his fiancee's father, and swears that he will make sure Donna Anna gets her revenge on Don Giovanni. DON GIOVANNI by MOZART, 1787 Don Giovanni music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and libretto of Lorenzo da Ponte and Music 1787, a delicious opera example of Bel Canto music and melodrama Don Giovanni (il dissoluto punito, ossia il Don Giovanni, literally The Rake Punished, or Don Giovanni) a great opera in two acts with music by WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART and with an Italian libretto by LORENZO DA PONTE. It was premiered in the Estates Theatre in Prague on OCTOBER 29, 1787. Da Ponte's libretto was billed like many of its time as dramma giocoso, a term that denotes a mixing of serious and comic action. MOZART entered the work into his catalogue as an "opera buffa". Although sometimes classified as comic, it blends comedy, melodrama and supernatural elements. The Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard wrote in his book Enten -- Eller (Either/Or) that Mozart's Don Giovanni is "a work without blemish, of uninterrupted perfection."The finale, in which Don Giovanni refuses to repent, has been a captivating philosophical and artistic topic for many writers including George ...

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