Bernhard Henrik Crusell Clarinet Quartet in C minor (1/2)
  • Classical music Allegri String Quartet Thea King - Clarinet Bernhard Henrik Crusell (October 15, 1775 July 28, 1838) was a Swedish-Finnish clarinetist, composer and translator, the most significant and internationally best-known Finnish-born Classical composer and indeed, the outstanding Finnish composer before Sibelius. Although a foreigner to Stockholm,[1] he rose to a prominent position in the Swedish music world. In Stockholm Crusell was employed for forty years (1793-1833) playing principal clarinet with the Hovkapellet (Royal Court Orchestra), and eventually became an internationally celebrated clarinetist. It is indicative of his reputation that he was for many years the best-paid musician in the entire orchestra. Crusell also attained fame as a renowned clarinet virtuoso, and went to Germany to study and perform in 1798, 1803 and 1811; on the second occasion, when a Napoleonic hegemony united much of Europe, his trips extended as far as Paris. During this time he maintained a travel diary in Finnish.

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