Caro Mio Ben by Tommaso Giordani (1730-1806)
  • Classical music The classic Neopolitan love song! The bane of begining singers worldwide. 8) Well, I thought that you should go overboard a little since its a love song. Nothing wrong with having some fun with music, is there?. The painters included with the song are (in no particular order): Ghirlandaio, Homer, Rockwell, Vermeer, Goya, & Vieux. Try and match them. Why use a Commodore Amiga? It does sounds somewhat like a Harpsichord/Virginal which was all you had to play on in the 18th Century, so I hope that it makes it seem as if you were being transported back in time. 8) Enjoy. Since the issue of the name has come up, I'll just write what was in the score book I used. I was singing from the book "26 Italian Songs and Arias" by the Alfred Publishing Co. edited by John Glenn Patton. "Nov/Dec 1981: The familiar edition, edited by Parisotti in 1890, names the composer as Giuseppe Giordani (no relation to Tommaso). The evidence for Tommaso as the actual composer is given in the next article. Background: English enthusiasm for Italian opera continued throughout the 170s, adn it continues today. Sixty years after Bononcini composed Griselda for London, Tommaso Giordani composed "Caro mio ben" for a concert there. A native of Naples, Giordani lived most of his life in London and published many vocal and instumental compositions there."

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