1. JN Hummel, piano concerto n.2, rondo, 3rd part, Hae-won Chang, P
  • Classical music composed by Johann Nepomuk Hummel Resignation. Stoicism mixed with a modest optimism in the classical times. This comes into my mind when listenning to this rondo. It is the third part of the piano concerto in A minor, op.85, no.2, rondo:allegro moderato. A well balanced work by JN Hummel. Well intentionned Hae-won Chang is a leading figure of pianistic art in S.Korea. She has studied in Germany and it shows. Budapest Chamber Orchestra conducted by Pál Tamás. I like this rendition for its moderate solemnity and mature sound. A captivating finale at 04:34 of the second video where the bravoura of the pianist does not dominate the whole scene. Photos taken by me at Hummel´s natal house and now a museum in Bratislava, Slovakia (wondeful country where the kind habitants and the ex-governors do not still exactly know why they drifted apart from Czech; do not worry guys, banks and some other countries know). I had to butcher the video due to YT´s time restrictions. Enjoy.

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