Georg Friedrich Handel - Sonata for Flute HMV 367 I-IV
  • Classical music composed by George Frideric Handel Hi^^ I recently bought four CD's with Baroque music(which is my favorite type of music, BTW), and wanted to share them with you. I'll try to upload 1 video a day. The CD's include: CD #1: Flute Sonatas by Handel CD #2: Flute(The Baroque flute)/Cello Concertos by Vivaldi CD #3: Italian Baroque Compositions CD #4: French Baroque Compositions This is first upload: Sonate En Ré Mineur Pour Flûte Et Basse Continue, HWV 367 Parts I-IV 1. Largo 2. Vivace 3. Furioso 4. Adagio The other parts of the sonata will be uploaded soon, too. Enjoy and have a nice, Baroque'ish summer.

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