La Favorita, act IV Romanza: Spirito gentil, ne' sogni miei
  • Classical music composed by Gaetano Donizetti Scena terza - Fernando Solo. Recording Date: 11 February 1906, NY - US Victor. Domenico Gaetano Maria Donizetti Born: Bergamo, Italy (then Cisalpine Republic), 29 Nov. 1797 Died: Bergamo (then Austria), 8 Apr. 1848. After the book by Ashbrook, William: Donizetti and his Operas Cambridge University Press, 1982; La favorite [rev of *L'ange de Nisida 1839] First performance by Gilbert-Louis Duprez, Fernando, 2.12.1840 Opéra,Paris. The tenor Gilbert-Louis Duprez is today remembered for his invention of the 'C from the chest',... PDF file about tenor. _________________________________________ And at last the orchestra has arrived in the recording studio. However inadequately its sound is reproduced, however much the improvised wind orchestrations conjure up for us images of a Mississippi paddle steamer, we should not forget the inspiration it must have provided to the singer. The musical support available at a recording session now bore at least some resemblance to what he was used to in the opera house. It is surely no coincidence that these 1906 discs are the first of the truly great Caruso recordings. __________________________________________ "Eppure il cuore esige una risposta, non vive che per essa." No podría existir el corazón si no existíera la meta del corazón: la felicidad. El corazón del hombre exige felicidad: ésta es la primera palabra que pronuncia el cristianismo. Si no se parte de esto, entonces no se puede comprender nada del ...

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