Libiamo Ne' Lieti Calici, Giuseppe Verdi (Lyrics in Italian)
  • Classical music composed by Giuseppe Verdi Here you are other clasical video, this time with the great musical's teacher Giuseppe Verdi. The first performance of the opera, on 6 March 1853 in Venice's La Fenice, was an utter failure. The day after, Verdi wrote to his friend Muzio what has now become perhaps his most famous letter: "La Traviata last night a failure. My fault or the singers'? Time will tell." This letter not only implies what Verdi already knew—that the singers, particularly the obese soprano who could never convincingly play a dying consumptive, had failed to "understand his music."[2]. But more importantly, this letter captures Verdi's faith that the public ultimately knows what is and is not good art and will pronounce its judgment in good time. Thank for watch. Rate if you can o leave your comments. (lyrics in Italian)

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