Stravinsky - Rite of Spring Part 1 (MIDI/MAM)
  • Classical music composed by Igor Stravinsky I continue to be puzzled at the controversial "popularity" of this innocent little vid lol. This is nowhere near as TRANSGRESSIVE as my guitar arrangements nor as educational as my analysis vids...please check those out if you get a chance, they are my REAL videos, this is just a fun little experiment.... Guitar arrangements of classical music vids: Color-coded Analysis vids (classical music visually explained): 8-Bit Version of RITE: Rock Version of RITE: MIDI sequenced by Galimberti. MAM player coded by S. Malinowski. Edited with CamStudio, Virtualdub, Adobe Audition (the video is a bit choppy because of the capture software, not the MAM player). I spent zero time on the MIDI sounds, this is just for analysis purposes.

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