Asturias, Op. 232, No. 1 - Isaac Albéniz
  • Classical music composed by Isaac Albéniz Originally the prelude to Albéniz' piano suite, Cantos de España, "Asturias" owes its name to the editor Hofmeister, who added it to another Albéniz piano suite, "Suite Española", in 1912, well after Albéniz' death. Asturias has since become one of the most popular pieces in the concert repertoire for the classical guitar. With its Flamenco-infused character rooted in the rich culture of Spain, Asturias is a natural fit for the guitar. Ironically, it is perhaps better-known as a guitar piece than its original incarnation as part of a suite for the piano. Its hypnotic, yet fast-moving first section, punctuated by a few fortissimo chords, transports listeners to another world. The second section, slow and pensive, heightens the meditative feel of the piece with its serenity. The final section blends elements from the first section with slower, passionate elements, using tempo and dynamic changes to move listeners through an emotional roller coaster ride.

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