Manuel Ponce: Intermezzo
  • Classical music composed by Manuel Ponce Desde el Santuario de la Ciudad de San Francisco pianista Justin Sanner realiza una Intermezzo Méxican por el compositor Manuel Ponce. El artista es acrílico Dean Johnson. From the Sanctuary City of San Francisco pianist Justin Sanner performs an Intermezzo by the Méxican composer Manuel Ponce. The acrylic artist is Dean Johnson. Justin Sanner is a pianist and piano instructor in San Francisco. Piano: Kawai Digital Piano En solidaridad con todos los inmigrantes, documentados y indocumentados. Gracias por su contribución a Los Estados Unidos. Gracias. In solidarity with all immigrants, documented and undocumented. Thank you for your contribution to the United States. Gracias. My statement on immigration here in the States: Ship the Statue of Liberty back to France: Some people have lost their job because of outsourcing. OUTSOURCING is the real issue here along with screwed-up trade agreements (NAFTA for example under Bill Clinton). I have heard many people say they have lost their job because it has been outsourced. Some of the people I'm speaking of were with their company for 20+ years. I have not heard one person say they have lost their job because an undocumented worker took their job here in the States. This immigration issue is a distraction issue. It is also an issue intended to be a wedge issue in order to divide people. And it's doing just that and unfortunately many so-called "Liberals" have fallen for it. To those who are anti-immigrant, please read the open ...

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