[EuroArts 2053098] GERSHWIN: Seiji Ozawa - A Gershwin Night
[EuroArts 2053098] GERSHWIN: Seiji Ozawa - A Gershwin Night Marcus Roberts, piano; Roland Guerin, bass; Jason Marsalis, drums Berliner Philharmoniker Seiji Ozawa Recorded at the annual summer concert of the Berlin Philharmonic at the Waldbühne in Berlin 2003, this DVD captures the atmosphere of an open-air Gershwin night in full while also allowing a closer look at the musicians and the conductor. With an audience of over 20000 one of the worlds best orchestras played the popular music of George Gershwin, including the famous Rhapsody in Blue and the popular film music suite An American in Paris. Conducted by Seiji Ozawa one of the longstanding stars in the classical world - the Berlin Philharmonic was joined by jazz pianist Marcus Roberts and his Trio, whose album Gershwin For Lovers stayed in the Top 10 on Billboards jazz chart for half a year. Together they created a magical fusion of classical music and jazz bringing an imaginative mix of styles into the swing of Gershwins music. In the bonus film Seiji Ozawa and Marcus Roberts talk about Gershwin and their music making.
Concerto ondes Martenot - Jan Erik Mikalsen 2/3 / T. Bloch - C. Egge
Concerto ondes Martenot - Jan Erik Mikalsen 2/3 / T. Bloch - C. Egge Thomas Bloch: - The French multi-instrumentalist virtuoso Thomas Bloch (ondes Martenot, glassharmonica, cristal Baschet, waterphone...) who has played with Radiohead, Gorillaz and with most prestigious classical soloists and orchestras in the world, Christian Eggen (conductor) and the Oslo SInfonietta play the 2nd movement of the Concerto for sinfonietta with ondes Martenot by the norvegian composer Jan Erik Mikalsen. 1rst movement can be heard here / 3rd movement can be heard here : . Live in Radio France Olivier Messiaen's auditorium in Paris during Festival Présences. June 2008.
Beethoven - Minueto em Sol - Suzuki 2/11
Beethoven - Minueto em Sol - Suzuki 2/11 Música Erudita, Classical Music, estilo Clássico/Romântico do compositor e pianista alemão Ludwig Van Bethoven; Minuet in G Major; Lição 112 do Método Para Violino da CCB (Schmoll); Música nº 11 do Método Suzuki Violin School Volume 2; no violino Leandro Ferreira Ramos
Edvard GRIEG. SUITE FOR BRASS. - PER GADE's INTERNATIONAL BRASS QUI Edvard GRIEG (1843 - 1907). SUITE FOR BRASS. - PER GADE's INTERNATIONAL BRASS QUINTET. JAPAN 1982 This recording was found recently. It is from a concert in Japan and was recorded on a cassette tape. No changes have been added to the recording, no notes has been replaced in digital re-mastering and all that magic. It is a "here and now" performance! What you hear is what you get. It is a live recording from a two hours concert: real life here and now! SUITE FOR BRASS. 1. Sarabande. 2. Bridal Song. 3. Lullaby. 4. Ballade. Wedding Day in Troldhaugen. This is a arrangement by Per Gade's old friend Philip Jones, which he made for his Brass Quintet. By chance Per Gade met Philip Jones and the Quintet again in Singapore (where they had concerts) and Philip Jones gave him the music in copies. Philip Jones founded his Brass Quintet in 1951. It was one of the very first modern classical brass ensembles to be formed. Edvard Grieg was born in Bergen, Norway in 1843, and was a partial Scottish decent. His great-grandfather emigrated t Norway around 1770 and settled as a businessman in Bergen. En´vdard was bought up in a musical home. His mother started teaching him piano when he was 6 years old and when he was 15 he went to Leipzig, Germany to study music at the Conservatory (as we called those music higher educational places in Northern Europe, France and Germany in those years: to conserve). He was introduced to the international music life by Norwegian violin virtuoso Ole Bull ...
Szentpeteri Csilla - Paganini Salsa - Crossover
Szentpeteri Csilla - Paganini Salsa - Crossover Hungarian concertpianist-composer, Csilla Szentpeteri and her band play Csilla's and J.Nagy transcription of Paganini Caprice. At the turn of the Millennium, Csilla Szentpéteri, accomplished pianist, conceived a brave idea and dash into revolutionizing classical music rules otherwise carved in stone. A creator has emerged from beneath the interpreter, who handles original classical work as a co-composer. Pending upon her feelings and mood, sometimes she continues a melody thread, sometimes cuts it, sometimes changes and sometimes amalgamates those with contemporary genres, always into something new. She builds her music mostly upon classical elements, yet bravely draws on other more modern genres and uses motifs from Latin music, jazz, rock, folkloor and world music. booking Hungary: +36309916340 +36309544893 +36209793839 Austria, Germany: Mob: + 43 664 301 16 74 Fax: +43 2243 25 579
Dan Gibson's Solitudes - The Swan
Dan Gibson's Solitudes - The Swan ~ Classical pieces performed on solo piano merge with the serene sounds of a stately garden for a naturally relaxing experience ~ Saint-Saëns - The Swan Digital nature sounds recording by Dan Gibson
松田晃演, Akinobu Matsuda "JSBach Cello Suite no.3"
松田晃演, Akinobu Matsuda "JSBach Cello Suite no.3" from 'Sound of the guitar 4' CD track 1 & 2 Johan Sebastian Bach / Prelude & Gigue from Cello Suite no.3 Akinobu Matsuda is one of the greatest classical guitarist in JAPAN, prestige of Andres Segovia. his web address CD「サウンド・オブ・ザ・ギター4」の第2曲と3曲目、バッハのプレリュードとジーグです 。 松田晃演氏のホームページのアドレスは以下になります。
Angela Gheorghiu - 'Un Bel Di Vedremo' Live Performance Classical
Angela Gheorghiu - 'Un Bel Di Vedremo' Live Performance Classical AVAILABLE NOW ON EMI CLASSICS 'MADAMA BUTTERFLY' MORE INFO: Angela sings the stunning aria 'Un Bel Di Vedremo' from Puccini's Madama Butterfly at the Classical BRIT Awards 2010
Brahms Symphony 4 - Victor De Sabata - 1° Movement (part1)
Brahms Symphony 4 - Victor De Sabata - 1° Movement (part1) Brahms Symphony No.4 in E Minor, Op.98 1° MOVEMENT (part1) Orchestra: Berliner Philharmoniker Director: Victor De Sabata --- 1° MOVEMENT (part1) 1° MOVEMENT (part2) 2° MOVEMENT (part1) 2° MOVEMENT (part2) 3° MOVEMENT 4° MOVEMENT --- Listen to radio stations from your browser World version --- Digital Remastering of 78 RPM Records Only Classical Music Public Domain PromoClassical Copyright reserved
Scarlatti Sonata in A major K 208: Brouwer (2 of 12)
Scarlatti Sonata in A major K 208: Brouwer (2 of 12) Cuban guitarist Leo Brouwer plays his transcriptions of 12 keyboard sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti in a magnificent (and long out-of-print) 1974 recording. Sonata in A major K. 208/ L. 238 (1753) To hear the whole set uninterrupted, go to From Brouwer's liner notes from the LP: "FORM It would be wrong to attempt to find in Scarlatti's work the formal plan of a classical sonata; but there are nevertheless analogies in structure, formal relationship and thematic conception. Whereas the traditional form is in three sections, Scarlatti maintains a balance between his two sections, including development periods at the start of the second. Contrary to traditional procedure, the final ideas presented in the first section are those which run parallel with the second half. Nor is it to be expected that the opening themes should start the second section (as is customary with German baroque). This occurs in some sonatas of the first period, called by Kirkpatrick "closed sonatas" -- see K. l (L. 336). The "open sonata" is one where the initial ideas do not open the second section. Summarising, it can be said that, excluding the initial theme which Scarlatti in general uses in the form of an "opening", the rest of the thematic ideas are developed and periodically re-presented in nearly all the compositions. Typical Scarlatti thematic patterns are in general: 1. Generative rhythmic patterns (K. 443-L. 418). Thematic cells of popular character --predominantly Spanish ...