Isaac Albéniz

Fun Facts

  • By age 4, Albéniz was considered to be a piano prodigy.

  • Albéniz ran away from home twice as a child, supporting himself by concert tours.

  • Albéniz toured extensively, giving concerts throughout Europe to great acclaim.

  • Although he passed the entrance exams at the Paris Conservatoire, Albéniz was denied enrollment because he was thought too young. He was seven.

  • Suffering from Bright's disease, Albéniz was an invalid for the last years of his life. He died at age 48.

  • Albéniz’s most notable work is Iberia.

  • Although Albéniz wrote for piano, many of his works are so popular that they have been adapted for other instruments. Several of his compositions are now important pieces of the classical guitar repertoire.

  • Alfonso, Albéniz's youngest son, played for Real Madrid in the early 1900's.

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Fun Facts

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