Leroy Anderson

Fun Facts

  • A gifted linguist, Anderson mastered many languages. He originally planned to become a language teacher, but decided to give music a try first.

  • Anderson's parents played the mandolin and guitar, and his mother was his first piano teacher.

  • For Leroy Anderson's high school graduation, he composed, orchestrated, and conducted the class song.

  • Leroy Anderson attended Harvard University.

  • During World War II, Leroy Anderson joined the U.S. Army as a translator and intelligence officer.

  • Leroy Anderson's parents were immigrants from Sweden.

  • Anderson's composition Jazz Pizzicato, at just over ninety seconds, was too short for a three-minute 78-RPM single of the period. At Arthur Fiedler's suggestion of a companion piece, Anderson wrote Jazz Legato.

  • Employing creative instrumental effects, Leroy Anderson's musical style occasionally makes use of interesting non-musical items such as typewriters and sandpaper.

  • Leroy Anderson's Blue Tango was the first instrumental recording ever to sell a million copies.

  • The Hollywood Walk of Fame includes a star with Leroy Anderson's name.

  • Leroy Anderson's Irish Suite was composed in just eleven days.

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