Ludwig van Beethoven

Fun Facts

  • Beethoven's father was set on creating a prodigy and beat music into Ludwig, forcing him to practice day and night.

  • Beethoven gave his first concert at age seven.

  • Having left school at age eleven to help with household income, Beethoven never learned how to multiply or divide.

  • For a time, Beethoven took lessons from Joseph Haydn. The two often got frustrated and ultimately didn't like each other very much.

  • Beethoven started to go deaf when he was only 25 years old.

  • All of Beethoven's symphonies have four movements.

  • The opening of his Fifth Symphony was described by Beethoven as "death knocking upon the door."

  • Due to class issues, Beethoven never married.

  • Beethoven was entirely deaf by the time he wrote his Ninth Symphony, one of his greatest works. 

  • Although his Moonlight Sonata is enormously popular, Beethoven considered it inferior to many of his other works.

  • A musical revolutionary in his day, many of Beethoven's compositions were radical departures from common standards.

  • Beethoven is generally considered to be the first composer of the Romantic period.

  • Beethoven was notoriously messy, ill-tempered and irritable.

  • Beethoven died during a thunderstorm.

  • The third largest crater on Mercury is named in Beethoven's honor, as is the main-belt asteroid, 1815 Beethoven.

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