Fun Facts

  • Bizet's father was a wig maker and hairdresser.

  • The minimum age limit at the Paris Conservatoire was waived for Bizet, who was admitted when he was just nine.

  • Bizet's first symphony, composed when he was seventeen, was lost for nearly eighty years.

  • Bizet had a tendency to dream up illustrious projects, but never finish them.

  • Though Bizet was a brilliant pianist, he gave very few demonstrations of his skill.

  • Bizet served in the French National Guard during the Franco-Prussian war.

  • Bizet had great difficulty getting Carmen staged, partly because the story was considered scandalous.

  • At just thirty-six, Bizet died from a heart attack on his wedding anniversary.

  • Bizet struggled to finish compositions -- out of the thirty operas he started, only six were completed.

  • When Bizet died just three months after the premiere of his opera, Carmen, it was considered a flop; he would never know the enduring worldwide success that was to come.

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Fun Facts

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