Luigi Boccherini

Fun Facts

  • A double bassist, Boccherini's father began giving his son cello lessons at the age of five.

  • At 16, Boccherini was solo cellist at the Imperial Theater in Vienna. His first compositions were published when he was 17.

  • Being a virtuoso cellist himself, Boccherini composed extensively for the instrument, including 12 cello concertos and at least 19 cello sonatas.

  • Although born in Italy, Boccherini lived in Spain for most of his life.

  • Boccherini often played violin repertoire on the cello, at pitch -- a skill he developed by substituting for ailing violinists while touring.

  • Boccherini's cello compositions reveal very advanced cello technique for his time.

  • Boccherini pioneered the string quintet, consisting of two violins, two cellos, and one viola.

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Fun Facts

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