Gabriel Fauré

Fun Facts

  • As a small boy, Fauré would go as often as he could to play the harmonium in a local chapel.

  • At the age of nine, Fauré was sent to Paris to study music.

  • Fauré's first job was a church organist . He was asked to resign when he was caught sneaking out for a smoke during Mass.

  • Fauré was unable to spend much time composing, since financial pressures required him to work as a teacher and professor.

  • Fauré was one of the most influential French composers.

  • Fauré wrote music criticism for the newspaper Le Figaro. His kindly nature made him uncomfortable as a critic and he would focus on each work's positive attributes.

  • Fauré's music, like his personal nature, was gentle and refined.

  • Although he was a professional organist for over 40 years, Fauré left no solo compositions for the organ.

  • As soon as his teaching responsibilities were over for the summer, Fauré would leave Paris for a retreat (usually going to a Swiss lake) and concentrate on composition.

  • Because he sold his music directly to publishers, Fauré never earned any royalties for his compositions.

  • Fauré and Saint-Saëns were close friends for sixty years.

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