Zdeněk Fibich

Fun Facts

  • Fibich was a native of Bohemia.

  • Fibich was homeschooled by his mother until the age of nine.  She was also his first music instructor.

  • The son of a forester, Fibich's early childhood was spent in forest lodges in the deep woods. Nature remained an important inspiration for him throughout his life.

  • By the time he had completed his schooling, Fibich had written over 50 compositions.

  • Fibich studied music in Vienna, Prague and Leipzig.

  • Mountains and railroads were two of Fibich's lifelong fascinations.

  • Fibich's first son was named for Richard Wagner.  Sadly, he died soon after his birth.  Later, Fibich had another son with his second wife -- also named Richard.

  • Fibich was the first to use a polka in place of a scherzo in a string quartet.

  • After Fibich's wife, Anna, passed away, he married her sister Betty.

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Fun Facts

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