Fun Facts

  • A shy man, Holst became famous to his great dismay, and refused to give interviews or sign autographs.

  • As a boy, Holst began playing the trombone in hopes that it would help his asthma.

  • Neglected as a child, Holst suffered from asthma, neuritis, and poor eyesight.

  • Holst was a vegetarian and didn't smoke or drink.

  • Before achieving fame as a composer, Holst supported himself by playing the trombone.

  • The orchestral suite, The Planets, is Holst's most famous work.

  • Holst wrote thirteen operas.

  • Holst's biography was written by his daughter, Imogen.

  • For many years, Holst was the director of music at girls' schools, and was an advocate for women conductors.

  • Holst was recruited as an extra in The Bells, a British film for which he had composed the score. 

  • Walking was one of Holst's favorite pastimes. 

  • Holst's suite Beni Mora incorporated music he had heard in the streets on a visit to Algeria.

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Fun Facts

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