Johann Nepomuk Hummel

Fun Facts

  • Hummel was born in Slovakia.

  • Mozart was so impressed with Hummel's ability as a young child, that he taught and housed him free of charge for a few years.

  • Hummel made his first concert appearance at age nine, during one of Mozart's concerts.

  • Haydn composed a sonata especially for young Hummel, who performed the premiere.

  • At age 14, Hummel turned his attention from the concert stage to composing.

  • Although Hummel's relationship with Beethoven had its ups and downs, the mutual friendship developed into reconciliation and respect.

  • Hummel was one of the first to fight for musical copyrights.

  • Hummel published A Complete Theoretical and Practical Course of Instruction on the Art of Playing the Piano Forte in 1828, which sold thousands of copies within days of its publication and brought about a new style of fingering and of playing ornaments that greatly influenced piano technique.

  • Carl Czerny first studied with Beethoven, but upon hearing Hummel play, decided to study with him instead.

  • Chopin's piano concertos were influenced by Hummel's compositions.

  • Hummel was a great virtuoso pianist in his day.

  • Although Hummel died famous, with a lasting posthumous reputation apparently secure, his music was quickly forgotten at the onrush of the Romantic period.

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