Franz Liszt

Fun Facts

  • Liszt's father discovered his son's musical talent around the age of six; within three years, he was giving concerts.

  • Liszt often broke piano strings when he performed.

  • Liszt's solo piano compositions are some of the most challenging works ever written for the instrument.

  • At the height of Liszt's popularity, the term "Lisztomania" was coined to describe the tremendous reception he received.

  • Both generous and hospitable, Liszt often had a house full of guests.

  • Liszt was the first musician to give solo piano concerts. He would play his entire concert by memory.

  • Liszt was showered with gifts and medals from nobility; Tsar Nicholas I gave the composer a pair of performing bears.

  • A famous and highly regarded teacher, Liszt was the first to use the masterclass.

  • Liszt created an entire new genre of music: the symphonic poem.

  • Liszt gave over 1,000 concerts in the decade that he spent touring Europe.

  • Liszt and Richard Wagner were great friends; Wagner would marry Liszt's daughter, Cosima.

  • Chopin wrote of Liszt in 1833, “I would love myself to acquire from him the manner in which he plays my [etudes].”

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