Jules Massenet

Fun Facts

  • Massenet's father was a blacksmith; his mother was a talented amateur musician who was young Massenet's first teacher.

  • While attending the Paris Conservatory, Massenet won the top musical honor, the Prix de Rome.

  • As a young man, Massenet often played the timpani in theater orchestras.

  • During the Franco-Prussian war, Massenet served in the National Guard alongside his friend and fellow composer, Bizet.

  • Massenet wrote more than thirty operas.

  • Massenet was extremely close to his only child, Juliette.

  • Massenet's opera, La Navarraise, premiered at London’s Covent Garden in 1894 – a rare honor for a non-British composer and a significant marker of his high status at the time.

  • An early riser, Massenet worked on composing from four o' clock in the morning until midday.

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