Felix Mendelssohn

Fun Facts

  • Mendelssohn was a musical child prodigy who also excelled in art and linguistics.

  • Mendelssohn's older sister Fanny was every bit the musician and composer her brother was.

  • The famous Jewish philosopher, Moses Mendelssohn, was Felix's grandfather.

  • A prolific composer, Mendelssohn had one of his piano quartets published when he was only thirteen years old; by the age of fifteen, he had written his first symphony.

  • Mendelssohn was an art enthusiast and enjoyed painting in watercolors.

  • Mendelssohn composed many of his best-known works before he was twenty.

  • Mendelssohn founded the Leipzig Conservatory, the first of its kind in Germany.

  • Mendelssohn organized an incredibly popular concert of Bach's St. Matthew Passion that was credited with kick-starting Bach's posthumous career.

  • Mendelssohn's correspondence was witty and sometimes accompanied by humorous sketches or cartoons.

  • Mendelssohn had five children with his wife, Cecile.

  • After a series of strokes, Mendelssohn died at the age of 38.  His grandfather Moses, sister Fanny, and both his parents had all died from similar apoplexies.

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