Johann Pachelbel

Fun Facts

  • As a child, Pachelbel showed great promise both academically and musically.

  • Pachelbel’s skill as an organist was unrivaled in his day.

  • After Pachelbel’s first wife and child died, he remarried and went on to have seven children.

  • Many of Pachelbel’s compositions were never published, and did not survive.

  • One of Pachelbel’s students was J.C. Bach, who later passed on his expertise to his younger brother, J.S. Bach.

  • Pachelbel mainly wrote sacred music for both Catholic and Protestant churches.

  • Though Pachelbel was quite famous in his day, today he is mainly known for just one piece: his Canon in D.

  • Pachelbel was a prolific composer who wrote more than 500 pieces in his lifetime.

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Fun Facts

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