Manuel Ponce

Fun Facts

  • After showing exceptional musical skill at age four, Ponce’s parents started him in music classes.

  • Ponce’s first work, La Marcha del Sarampion (March of the Measles) was written at age nine when he contracted the disease.

  • As a boy, Ponce played the church organ and sang in the children’s choir.

  • Ponce was in his late teens by the time he left home to seek higher musical education.

  • Ponce was the earliest internationally successful Mexican composer of classical music.

  • Many of Ponce’s compositions are strongly influenced by the harmonies and traditional songs of his native Mexico.

  • Ponce’s most famous work is his Estrellita.

  • Ponce and the famous guitarist, Andrés Segovia, had a long and fruitful partnership.

  • Ponce was born the same year as Igor Stravinsky.

  • The third and best-known of Ponce's concertos, the Concierto del Sur, was dedicated to and premiered by guitarist Andrés Segovia.

  • Though he traveled extensively, Ponce always returned to Mexico, his homeland.

  • Ponce did much for music in Mexico, including heading the National Conservatory, and serving as the editor of a music journal.

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