Erik Satie

Fun Facts

  • While attending the Paris Conservatory as a young man, Satie was labeled the laziest student there!

  • A man of habit, Satie walked ten miles every day, always carried an umbrella, and only wore gray suits.

  • Satie carried a hammer under his coat for self-defense.

  • Satie was a peculiar and eccentric man.

  • Satie composed many humorous miniatures for piano, often inserting all kinds of written remarks in his scores.

  • Satie deliberately contracted bronchitis to obtain a medical discharge from the military.

  • At the age of forty, Satie went back to school for three years to study classical counterpoint.

  • Satie claimed that he only ate foods that were white.

  • Satie did not classify himself as a musician; he wanted to be called a "phonometrographer."

  • For the last three decades of his life, Satie lived alone and no one was ever allowed to visit him.

  • After Satie's death, indescribable squalor was discovered in his home, including immense piles of papers, over a hundred umbrellas, two grand pianos stacked on top of each other, compositions that were thought to have been lost, and many other unknown and unfinished compositions.

  • Satie wrote works with bizarre, comic titles, such as Authentic Flabby Preludes (For a Dog) and Desiccated Embryos.

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