Franz Schubert

Fun Facts

  • It remains a mystery why Schubert never completed his "Unfinished" Symphony, but it was left in the drawer of a friend, and not performed until almost forty years after his death.

  • Nicknamed "Little Mushroom" by his friends, Schubert was just over five feet tall.

  • At Schubert's request, he was buried next to Beethoven.

  • Some of Schubert's piano compositions were too difficult for him to play.

  • Schubert was the only one of the great Viennese composers actually born in Vienna.

  • Though he died at age thirty-one, Schubert left behind six hundred lieder (songs), eight symphonies, twenty­-two piano sonatas, thirty­-five assorted chamber works, many short piano pieces, six masses, and fifteen operas.

  • As a boy, Schubert quickly surpassed all of his music teachers, including his father, older brother, and the local choirmaster.

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Fun Facts

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