Robert Schumann

Fun Facts

  • Schumann had no middle name.

  • As a child, Schumann took flute, piano and cello lessons.

  • Since his father was a bookseller, Schumann was surrounded by literature as a boy and planned to become a writer.

  • Schumann's career as a virtuoso pianist was ruined by a "numbness" in his hand, which may have been the result of a homemade stretching device.

  • Even after Schumann decided on a musical career, he continued to write poetry, plays and short stories.

  • A shy, quiet man, Schumann enjoyed silence and often took long walks through the countryside.

  • Schumann struggled with depression and mental illness throughout much of his life.

  • Schumann was a devoted father to his eight children, and was very involved in their upbringing.

  • Schumann fell in love with his piano teacher's daughter, Clara, and would eventually marry her.

  • Schumann's wife, Clara, a talented pianist, helped support their large family with her concert tours.

  • The year of Schumann's marriage has been dubbed "The Year of Song" for his prolific output of songs, inspired by his love for Clara.

  • The music in Schumann's Album for the Young was originally composed as a present for his daughter Marie's seventh birthday.

  • Schumann's intense and varying moods were often reflected in his compositions.

  • Schumann spent his final years in a mental asylum.

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