Francisco Tárrega

Fun Facts

  • Tárrega wasn't just a guitarist -- he was also a gifted pianist, enabling him to transcribe many classical piano works for the guitar.

  • Tárrega is often called "the father of classical guitar."

  • As a small child, Tárrega would pick out tunes on his father's guitar.

  • After a childhood injury involving his eyes, Tárrega's parents allowed him to pursue a musical career so he could support himself if he became blind.

  • Tárrega's final work, Oremus, was composed just thirteen days before his death.

  • Tárrega's wife, María, was also an accomplished guitarist.

  • In his final years, Tárrega was afflicted with paralysis on his right side, and never completely recovered.

  • The Nokia ringtone is actually a small section of Tárrega's Gran Vals.

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