Giuseppe Verdi

Fun Facts

  • At the age of eight, Verdi became the paid organist of his village church.

  • Verdi wrote an eight-movement cantata when he was fifteen; it was performed to great acclaim.

  • Verdi's first wife and two small children all died within a two-year period, leaving the composer devastated.

  • Verdi's operas continue to be performed hundreds of times each year all over the world.

  • Queen Victoria and Prince Albert attended the premiere performance of Verdi's opera, I masnadieri.

  • Verdi was the greatest composer of Italian opera in history.

  • Three of Verdi's operas are based on plays by Shakespeare.

  • The most popular opera in the world is Verdi's La traviata.

  • Verdi's opera Aida was commissioned by the Egyptian government to celebrate the opening of the Suez Canal.

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Fun Facts

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