Antonio Vivaldi

Fun Facts

  • Vivaldi's best-known work is his Four Seasons, a series of violin concertos.

  • The day Vivaldi was born in Venice, an earthquake rocked the city.

  • Vivaldi's father, a barber and a violinist, taught his son to play the violin.

  • Vivaldi's red hair earned him the nickname "The Red Priest."

  • At fifteen, Vivaldi began studying for the priesthood, and was ordained at twenty-five.

  • For thirty years, Vivaldi worked as a music teacher at an orphanage, composing much of his music for the school's all-female ensemble.

  • By the end of his life, Vivaldi was living in poverty, and was buried in a pauper's grave.

  • J.S. Bach was a big fan of Vivaldi's music, even transcribing several of his concertos for other instruments.

  • Much of Vivaldi's music has been lost, but some of his compositions have recently been discovered.

  • The "chest ailment" that greatly limited Vivaldi's physical ability was probably asthma.

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