Carl Maria von Weber

Fun Facts

  • Born with a congenital hip defect, Weber wasn't able to walk until he was four years old.

  • Weber's cousin, Constanze, was Mozart's wife.

  • Weber's father, a violinist, wanted his son to be a child prodigy.

  • Weber's first work to be published was his Six Fughettas for Piano; he was just twelve years old.

  • When he wast just thirty-nine, Weber died from tuberculosis.

  • Weber's unfinished opera, The Three Pintos, was eventually completed by Gustav Mahler.

  • The eulogy at Weber's funeral was given by Richard Wagner.

  • Weber was one of the first composers of the Romantic Period.

  • Weber was an exciting conductor, and one of the first to use a baton.

  • Weber damaged his fine voice when he accidentally ingested acid.

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