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Tina Horvat performs Hummel’s Trumpet Concerto in E flat major with the Zagreb Philharmonic orchestra, conducted by Tomislav Fačini. The concerto has three movements: Allegro con spirito, Andante, and Rondo.

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Other musical recommendations include Mozart’s Concerto for Flute, Harp, and Orchestra in C major, Chopin’s Nocturne in F Minor played by Virna Kljaković on piano, a Ragtime Harp trio performance, Saint-Saëns’ The Carnival Of Animals, Bach’s BWV 1067 Suite – Badinerie, and Petrit Çeku’s guitar rendition of Bach’s Cello Suite No.1 BWV 1007. Additionally, Monika performs C.P.E. Bach’s Cello concerto in A Major Wq 172.

Johann Nepomuk Hummel

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About the composer…

Johann Nepomuk Hummel was a renowned composer in the classical music era. Born in 1778 in Pressburg, which is now known as Bratislava, he showed great musical talent from a young age. He was trained by his father and later became a student of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Hummel’s compositions were influenced by the classical style of Mozart and Joseph Haydn.

Hummel’s musical career was marked by his virtuosic piano skills. He was not only a composer but also a highly acclaimed pianist. He traveled extensively throughout Europe, performing and composing for various royal courts and prestigious venues. His piano concertos were particularly popular, showcasing his technical brilliance and expressive style.

Hummel composed over 200 works, including symphonies, chamber music, operas, and sacred music. His compositions are characterized by their melodic beauty, harmonic richness, and intricate ornamentation. He was known for his ability to blend classical forms with innovative musical ideas.

Despite his significant contributions to classical music, Hummel’s works fell out of favor after his death in 1837. However, in recent years, there has been a renewed interest in his music, with musicians and audiences appreciating the craftsmanship and emotional depth of his compositions. Johann Nepomuk Hummel remains an important figure in the history of classical music and his works continue to be performed and enjoyed today.

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