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Music is the social act of communication among people, a gesture of friendship, the strongest there is.

– Malcolm Arnold

The end of all
good music
is to affect
the soul.

— Claudio Monteverdi

We’re growing a database of classical music videos to increase exposure for musicians, composers, and organizations, and to share the music itself with as many new people as possible.

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  • How Beethoven Created Incredible Music as a Deaf Composer

    Ludwig van Beethoven achieved the unimaginable feat of composing timeless music even as he became a deaf composer. His journey from a prodigious talent in his early years to grappling with the onset of deafness is a powerful testament to human resilience and creativity. This narrative challenges the…

  • Is Classical Music Dying?

    Classical music, a genre with centuries-old roots, has recently been under the scrutiny of critics who suggest it faces an inevitable demise. But a closer examination of the classical music landscape reveals a different story. This genre, rich in history and cultural relevance, is far from dying. Instead,…

  • Classical Music for Funerals

    Classical Music for Funerals

    In times of mourning and grief, music can be a solace, a source of comfort and a means to honor loved ones who have passed away. Classical music, with its profound melodies and emotional depth, can provide a fitting backdrop to the solemnity of a funeral service. From…

  • Cantankerous Classical Composers

    Cantankerous Classical Composers

    Some of the world’s most celebrated classical music composers have been known not just for their extraordinary musical talents but also for their fiery tempers or difficult behaviors. Their personal struggles and turbulent relationships sometimes manifested in their music, providing a fascinating insight into the darker aspects of…