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John Doan plays music on a rare Harpolyre by Fernando Sor. The beautiful music hasn’t been played since the 1830s. Find more of John Doan’s music and his albums “Homage to Fernando Sor” and “The Lost Music of Fernando Sor” at johndoan.com.

Fernando Sor

Video Source | John Doan

About the composer…

Fernando Sor was a renowned composer in the realm of classical music. Born in 1778 in Spain, Sor began his musical journey at a young age, showing great promise and talent. He studied music at the renowned Real Colegio de las Escuelas Pias in Barcelona, where he honed his skills as a composer and performer.

Sor’s musical career spanned several decades, during which he composed numerous works for various instruments, including the guitar, piano, and voice. His compositions were known for their intricate melodies, beautiful harmonies, and technical prowess. Sor’s contributions to the classical music genre were highly regarded by his contemporaries and continue to be revered by musicians and music lovers today.

Some of Sor’s most notable works include his guitar studies, which are still widely used as educational tools for aspiring guitarists. His compositions for the guitar showcased his mastery of the instrument and solidified his reputation as one of the greatest guitar composers of his time. In addition to his guitar works, Sor also composed chamber music, operas, and symphonies.

Fernando Sor’s legacy as a composer and musician is significant and enduring. His contributions to classical music continue to be celebrated and studied by musicians around the world. Sor’s ability to blend technicality with emotion and create beautiful melodies has left an indelible mark on the history of classical music. His works serve as a testament to his talent and passion for music, solidifying his place as one of the great composers of his era.

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