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  • How Beethoven Created Incredible Music as a Deaf Composer

    …his artistic expression in response to his physical limitations. Challenges and Emotional Turmoil Ludwig van Beethoven’s experience with hearing loss was not only a physical challenge but also a source…

  • Ludwig van Beethoven

    …Kapellmeister. Beethoven’s father, although not as gifted as his grandfather, was instrumental in shaping the early musical instincts of young Ludwig. Johann van Beethoven’s teaching methods were severe, often involving…

  • Vanessa Mae Plays The Storm by Antonio Vivaldi

    Vanessa-Mae, the internationally known British pop and classical musician, is famous for her violin skills. She describes her music style as “violin techno-acoustic fusion” and has released albums with a…

  • Für Elise – Ludwig van Beethoven

    Für Elise – Ludwig van Beethoven – Thanks for listening! Anat….

  • Nina Stemme Performs Weber’s Wie Nahte Mir Der Schlumm from Der Freischütz

    …She sang a piece from Carl Maria von Weber’s opera Der Freischütz called “Wie nahte mir der Schlummer.” Stemme showcased her talent and impressed the audience with her beautiful voice….

  • Seda Röder Improvises on Beethoven

    New Music Pianist Seda Röder performs the first-ever electro-acoustic cadenza for a classical concerto. Working with Mexican composer Edgar Barroso, Röder created a modern improvisation on the traditional soloist’s cadenza….

  • Telemann’s Recorder Suite in A Minor, TWV 55 – Overture

    Telemann – Recorder Suite in A Minor TWV55:A3 – Mov. 1/7 – GEORG PHILIPP TELEMANN (1681-1767) Suite for recorder, strings, and basso continuo in A minor TWV55:A3 1. Ouverture Performed…

  • Handel – Recorder Sonata in A Minor

    …2008, in Nave (BS), Italy as part of the International Festival of Early Music – Settimane Barocche di Brescia. Marco Scorticati, born in Milan in 1980, is a talented recorder

  • Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite in G Major

    …Instagram (mauricio.nader –, Facebook (MAURICIONADERofficial –, Twitter (mauricionader –, and YouTube (mnaderofficial – Visit his official website at Recorded at UNIACC broadcasting studios in Santiago,…

  • Alexander Glazunov

    Alexander Glazunov was a Russian composer known for his exceptional musical talent and significant contributions to the classical music world. Early Life Born on August 10, 1865, in St. Petersburg,…

  • Alexander Scriabin

    Alexander Scriabin was a Russian composer and pianist whose innovative and visionary works pushed the boundaries of traditional tonality and paved the way for the development of atonal and mystical

  • Adagio from Telemann Recorder Concerto in F Major

    Telemann – Recorder Concerto in F Major – Mov. 3/4 – Featuring Peter Holtslag on treble recorder.